My Furry Helpers

I wanted to create a separate page for my two kittens that are always inspiring and helping me create jewelry.

If you like pets and would like to follow our journey, we will be updating this page regularly with Shadow & Silver and I hope they bring you as much joy as they do for us!

Shadow living his best life
Silver getting brushed

For every kitty treat we get, half of it will be used to buy food and necessities for local shelters here in Phoenix, AZ.

The back story – middle of summer in Arizona, we found a little black kitten in our back yard. He was about 8 weeks old. We waited for mama to come back around but she never did. The poor guy was starving and dehydrated. We brought him in, even though at the time we had three dogs, we decided to keep him. Since then, we noticed stray cats roaming around the neighborhood. I began to leave out a bowl of cat food and water for them and we noticed a grey kitten started to come around, eating the food. We came to the conclusion that he was part of the same litter, because of their size. It was starting to get cold outside and I couldn’t bear to watch this little guy trying to make it on his own amongst the big stray cats, and exactly what your thinking; we brought him in too, and named him Silverleaf, Silver for short.

Silver took a very long time to get accustomed and to trust us. I cant even start to imagine how had it was for him on his own, so the trust issues were expected. The wonderful part is that although he was scared of us and constantly hissed when we would get close, he remembered Shadow. The first time we let him out of the crate and introduced Shadow, he immediately started purring and raised his tail, then the lick fest started. At this point, Shadow knows this is his home and we are his people, helping build trust between us and Silver by example. Its now been a little over a year, and Shadow is a mellow and cool cat, he rarely likes pets and cuddles and prefers to be independent. Silver on the other had, is the most cuddly, lovey and purry kitty on the planet. He’s come such a long way from hissing and hiding to coming to cuddle with us on the bed, hopping into our hands when we go down to pet him and rubbing all over our legs, EVEN WHEN IT’S NOT FOOD TIME! They love each other, and when they get zoomies, you can expect a tornado rushing through the house when they begin to play.

I’m still working on uploading all of their pictures and videos, but here are a few to enjoy meanwhile:

Iconic picture of Shadow blessing your pieces
Typical nap for Silver
Shadow just chillin, waiting for the Vet. He’s so good with others