Custom Orders


You can place a custom order with me by sending me a direct message on Instagram or sending an email to You can also fill out a contact form on my website,

Types of customs:  Custom requests are subjective to each individual. You can look over my work under “Buy Again”, if you see something you like and want to change something about it we can discuss some options. If you have your own idea or if you have some colors in mind but don’t know yet how you want it made I’ll help you with a design.

*Crucial Note*

I WILL NOT copy other artists work, so please do not send me photos of other creators pieces asking me to copy them. Jewelry making is very personal and we pour our heart and souls into our work and there’s nothing more heart breaking and soul draining than seeing unauthorized copies of your work.

“Your Customs”

I have a page called “Your Customs”. This page will showcase my previous custom orders that I have made for my customers. These are one of a kind and are not up for reproduction. *(if a custom has multiple pieces to it, for example coffin, pumpkin, ghost, etc., I will be able to use my designs in other ways; I guarantee not to use them in the same identical manner and with other identical colors/designs as your piece).

Example of acceptable request: a flower design on “name of custom” in a purple color instead of pink and silver chain not gold filled.

Other Requests

Other requests : if you have something in mind but can not locate something similar on my page, don’t hesitate to reach out and we’ll go over some options/designs/colors/styles together.

FRIENDLY REMINDER: REMINDER :I can approve or decline ANY requests for ANY reasons. 80% of the custom is due at request time. If we decide to add/remove/change materials, the price will be adjusted appropriately and I will send you the total (including the other 20%) before shipping it out.


If you need to cancel the whole request after it has been produced, reach out and well discuss what we can do. Keep in mind that all the materials that are  used in that piece are not reusable and will not be used in other projects.


After your piece is done and you have approved all the details, I will send you a form to sign. (The form will need a signature confirming you have agreed to the design and everything meets your expectations. The form will also require a signature stating you acknowledge that I have taken photos of your piece and can use that media in any form or manner for any reason; personal and commercial.) The shipping costs will vary depending on the size of your order and  location to which it will be shipped. I hold no responsibility for the piece the moment it leaves my studio, therefore insured shipping is required due to the cost and value of the product.