A Little About Us

Hello to everyone who’s been taking a peek on whats going on on my site. I have a few things I am working on, including setting up my jewelry studio, sharing new pieces and techniques I learned as I go.

The studio is about 90% finished. The jewerls desk, drawers, equipment is all here, only two things left to set up, which happend to be the most essential, the torch and an exhaust vent. I have the Smith little torch with a size R and MC tank with oxygen and oxyacetalene.  The exhaust vent is for any toxic fumes that may come from soldering or plating, or any other chemicals.

Jewerly making part of the studio. Progress thus far!

*We will have a melting area, wire rolling and forming area and video making side of the studio*

Recently I added the ability to electroform and electroplate to my craft. I purchased a rectifier, pen plating set up, copper electroplating and electroforming as well as silver bath plating and silver pen plating. I’m certain that my first few tries will be horrendous, but that is the purpose of this site, to share all the good, the bad and the ugly. I have started a few rings. They are glued to the copper wire and pained over with conductive pain. The next step is to cover the gemstones with liquid latex so they don’t damage in the electroforming solution. Once that’s done I will be dropping them in the copper electroforming solution. Not sure just yet what settings to use or the timing, but will keep you updated as I go and learn, and I will be making a separate post about electroforming & electroplating with more details and photos.

This site is only a fraction of what we’re working on. This is a small family owned business. We are all working together towards a common goal; to do what we all love. Our team includes a metalsmith : he will be melting the metals (gold, silver, copper…), rolling it, making alloys, forming it into various guages of wire, sheets etc. I will be using the materias to create jewerly. A couple others in our family are passionate about wirewrapping and will be pursuing that side of the craft. Our jewerly studio will also be our recording and editing studio. Once everything comes together we will have a website and a YouTube channel that will incorporate all aspects of the business and will let you experience the journey with us.

If you made it this far, I want to thank you and let you know that we appreciate you taking the time to learn about our progress building this business. We could not possibly exist without your help and support and hopefully you’re as excited as we are to provide you with exclusive, unique, highest quality handmade jewelry. If you are interested in our small operation, I suggest signing up for this blogs updates and we will notify you when new things happen!

Stay safe everybody ❤ -HalynaViktoria