Finally; touching base. (#1)

First, to the few people who followed Halyna Viktoria Photography; I’m going to be completely honest and just put it out there: I jumped the gun thinking I can manage a profitable and successful business. On top from having to build it from ground up, with no help & no legitimate financial support. I am absolutely available to book photoshoots, however, doing so as a freelancer, rather than focus on becoming a business. But what I really need to focus on what I want to do with my existence, what career field to head to, or just continue growing my online presence & influence.

But meanwhile, I have so many things to say & talk about , thought provoking.

Since accepting reality and coming to terms that I will not be able to start a business with the knowledge I currently have, I decided not to waste the rest of the year WordPress subscription & put it to use. I have a few of my favorite subjects I will introduce gradually. f which will be Cannabis, Sobriety, Gaming, Photography, and answers to the random questions that my brain thinks of, that will make you question things and look at the deeper meaning of any story.

Each category has history & purpose. They are not just random generalized subjects. This will be a very intimate blog (intimate meaning very personal and detailed) . So I don’t want to dive into painting the image of my fucked up reality right away, so (I am going to verify again) some content will only be available with a subscription; however anything educational or mind opening I will always share with with the world.

I have a special person in my life who opened my eyes to not only see all perspectives, but to also be able to predict the future. All my knowledge I would want to be passed on, and I’m hoping to build strong, supportive community. I want this website to be your escape & comfort. A few key factors to consider when joining:

  • Although I strive to deliver content daily, I do promise to post at least once a week, to start.
  • If you get your fellings hurt easily, please leave now.
  • Lots of content will also be from fellow bloggers
  • Comments, questions & concerns can be emailed to – Always appreciated.

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