How is my money distributed? What does it go towards? And what & why a flat fee is crucial.

When I pay the flat fee, what is that for?

Here I will fill you in on what goes on behind the scenes of any photographer, if not very similar.

Here at H.V., we charge a flat fee after a successful consultation is completed, which allows us to estimate the cost of all, including editing and sorting time. All other expenses will be mentioned later on in the article. When both parties agree to proceed to the photoshoot, we will sign a contract with exact dates, times and all other details.

Photographers are not gods, we are as human as the ones on the reversed side. We have to consider the professional’s time, as they select the ideal equipment for your specifically requested shoot, doing more research (I still always do, or as simple as reviewing notes when it comes to a narrowed down style) on the type of work needed to be done. I’m not too sure if anyone else does this, but it refreshes your ability to capture those breathtaking shots. Choosing location, driving time, wear and tear on the equipment and transportation, time driving to the agreed place, to the time necessary to complete the shoot. If requested a studio session, these tend to usually costs a bit more; some photographers rent studio time, another reason for the increase in cost. And last one I’ll mention out of many more, it is the time and the effort it takes your photographer to deliver your vision; to provide you with content just like you imagined, and sometimes even better.

Now that’s nothing right there, the longest takes sorting through the images and editing them. This process may take anywhere from 1 hour (ex: headshot) to a large event or wedding, especially including videos and additional photographers to capture 100% of an event, may take up to weeks of sorting and editing time. Timeframes all depend on your professional individually. How long it takes also depends on the professional’s style, ways of working their editing software’s. Some really go deep into it, every pimple and pore, and some do basic touchup; still amazing editing, but don’t spend as much fixing zoomed in mishaps. Again, typically you will get what you pay for. But please make sure to always and 100% communicate with your photographer to avoid misunderstandings.

Here, I do corrections as needed, but over all, I have a unique way of presenting my work, and the feeling I want to portray; which this I believe would also fit in with the “basic” editing category. We will determine & negotiate the price of different editing options. Also keep in mind, the more images for your creator to work with, means more workload, therefore slightly the cost will rise and some more time consumed in delivery. But that is why here at H.V. we offer affordable consultation and flat fee pricing so you can meet V. and personally see our work. You also will be thoroughly explained the process of booking and various options of receiving your media content, and discuss availabe print options if interested.

You also have 24/7 help with text: 928-277-9812 or email:

[Please allow up to a few hours to receive a response during night time, A.Z. time. & No more than two hours for the rest of the time.]