How To Develop Film & Photographs At Home

My main focus here is to provide you with easily understandable instructions; straight from your loading your film, to drying it after development, right at your home or a room with a door that can be covered completely dark.

You guys, I will get my hands on a detailed description of how to also do this of a paper I wrote when I was attending Glendale Community College as a sophomore in high school. But my goal here is to easily describe and easily understandable guide of how to develop film at home. In order to actually process your own image using your developed film requires large and expensive equipment, usually available in colleges and universities providing Traditional Photography Courses. Please leave a comment if you would like to know how to process photographs if you do have access to the equipment.


First off, lets get the things together that we need: your camera holding the film, a developer tank, reels, developer, fixer, measuring vessels, clothes pins, thermometer, timer and water. The ratios of any mixing is different and will be provided on each label. You will also need a small room that you can patch up with towels to make it completely dark.

This is how you would load the film into the container and wash with the right fluids. I actually came across the website that easily gives you step by step directions.


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