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Our Arizona sunsets never disappoint ❤️

Hi and I welcome you to my website. It took a lot of time for me to actually come foreward and start voicing out on what’s going on.

First off, anything content here I will try to make as comprehensible, relevant and entertaining as I can. I myself have a short attention span, so I will not overload you. Also, this is a laid back, non discriminating environment. I want my audience to feel safe to come here and express their opinions, share experiences and enjoy each others company in a sincere respectful way.

Second, I currently have sooooo many things going on in my life, so please be very patient with updates and new material. I will give you guys a snapchat name as soon as I’m ready to use it.

This website will have all of my handmade jewelry for sale, all information on the creation of the pieces and all the processes used to make them. At any point if you have any questions, comments or concerns, please message me. 602-607-3023 is a number you can reach me at, also at venomxvee@protonmail.com. my Instagram is halynaviktoria.

Check out new images in the Cannabis gallery! -V.

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